Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries

1.  Name of the Department:  Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development.

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Shri. Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa
Cabinet Minister




- 9815360061 -


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile
Shri Raj Kamal Chaudhuri, IAS, Secretary 0172-2740190 9872139600
Shri Arvind Pal Singh Sandhu, IAS, Special Secretary 0172-2740771 9530512211

1.  Name of the Administrative Department:  Department of Animal Husbandry

2. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile
Dr. Inderjeet Singh,
Director, Animal Husbandry 2217083 9354324903 

3.  Business Rules of the department:

S. No. Designation Powers and Duties of Officers
1 Director,
Animal Husbandry,

He is overall incharge and Administrative Head of the department.
At the headquarters he is assisted by four Joint Directors as below:-

2 Joint Director,
Animal Husbandry,
(Animal Health)

He is responsible for :- 

  1. Implementation of plan and non plan schemes related to Animal Health.
  2. Establishment of Group A officers of the department.
  3. Regarding tour programmes beyond jurisdiction and T.A. bills.
  4. Entire work of SPCA.
  5. Work relating the Kandi area Water Shed Scheme/World Bank Project.
  6. Work relating to the Awareness Camps.
  7. Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA).
3 Joint Director,
Animal Husbandry
-Special Livestock
Breeding Programme
  • Cattle and buffaloes breeding, Artificial Insemination and Animal production work.
  • Work regarding livestock farms and semen banks.
  • Establishment of veterinary pharmacists.
  • Implementation of all plan/non plan schemes related to animal production.
  • Gaushala development work.
4 Joint Director,
Animal Husbandry
Animal Production
  1. Budget/Planning, Project Formulating and Monitoring. Purchase of Stores.
  2. Establishment of Group B, C and D employees.
  3. To handle the Assembly Questions of LokSabha and RajyaSabha and work related to PAC and VidhanSabha Committee.
  4. To Co-ordinate the reports/Misc. works to be forwarded by the department to the Govt.
  5. To handle the Audit paras relating to department.
  6. Legal matters.
5 Joint Director
Animal Husbandry
-Regional Disease
Diagnostic Lab.-
North Zone,
He is responsible for surveillance,  diagnosis, monitoring and control of  various animal diseases in the northern states including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh (U.T.), H.P., J&K, Delhi and Rajasthan.
6 Joint Director
Animal Husbandry
  • He will be responsible for formulation and execution of schemes pertaining to Fodder Section of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Punjab.
  • All establishment cases pertaining to the Fodder wing of the Animal Husbandry Department shall be routed to the  Director Animal Husbandry through him.
  • To assist the Director, Animal Husbandry in the formulation and execution of policy matter and implementation of schemes pertaining to the Fodder Section of the Animal Husbandry Department.
  • Any other work allotted by the Director, Animal Husbandry.
7 Deputy Director,
Animal Husbandry
(Poultry Dev.)
  • He is incharge of the poultry development pogrammes in the state.
  • To conduct and coordinate poultry breeding and hatcheries operation in the state.
8 Deputy Director,
Animal Husbandry
  • He is responsible for overall assessment of Statistical activities of the Department, including production of livestock and livestock products, i.e. milk, meat, eggs and wool.
  • Under the Cattle Development Programme, Deputy Director (Statistics) is responsible for the collection, compilation and analysis of data pertaining to cross breeding programme, production of semen, allotment of bulls to various A.I. Centres and culling of Animals at the Cattle Breeding Farm. The study of the performance of buff, bulls under field conditions is under his control.
  • The department conducts various sample surveys/studies in the State. Deputy Director (Statistics) is responsible for the Planning and designing for these surveys/studies. At present sample surveys for the estimation of production of various livestock products, Fodder Crops in the State and area under Fodder Crops, estimation of average milk yield of cross bred cows under field conditions.
  • The progress made under various plan/non plan schemes,  work done by various veterinary Institutions in the State, preparation of the Annual Administration Report of the Department, preparation of Statistical Bulletin. Sire Directory and other publications of the Department are also responsibilities of the Deputy Director, (Stat.).
  • Any other work allotted by the Director, Animal Husbandry.
9 Deputy Director
(Sheep And Wool)
He is responsible for the implementation of the schemes relating to sheep husbandry in the State and for the extension activities for sheep rearing. 
10 Assistant Director
(Sheep And Wool)
  • To assist  the Deputy Director Animal Husbandry (Sheep and Wool) in formulation of schemes in sheep rearing and extension activities relating to sheep husbandry in the State.
  • He is nodal officer for scheduling various trainings of the Department.
  • He is also General Manager Punjab Poultry Corporation and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Punjab Livestock Dev. Board  in addition to his own duties.
11 Poultry Geneticist
  • Responsible for poultry breeding in the state.
  • Acting as nodal officer for pensions
  • Nodal officer for complaints and Public grievances and Vigilance cases of the Department.
  • Incharge of Kisan Call centre for helping and giving technical advice to the farmers of the state.
  • Assisting the Director and Joint Director in day to day technical and official working of the Department.
12 Agriculture
Development Officer
(Feed and Fodder)
To assist the Joint Director Animal Husbandry (Feed and Fodder) at the Head Quarter for implementing the Feed and Fodder Development schemes and extension activities in the state.
13 Assistant Controller
(Finance & Accounts)
To ensure proper maintenance of accounts and removal of audit objections.
14 Statistical Officer
  • He assists the Deputy Director (AH Section).
  • To assign the sample surveys for the estimation of major livestock products etc.
  • To analyze the data collected under sample surveys, preparation of reports etc.
  • To analyze the data collected from the Govt. Breeding farms/vety. Institutions and from the field about the breeding efficiency, and number of cases treated, A.I. performed etc. 
  • To prepare the Annual Administration report and other repots under the guidance of Deputy Director (AH Section).
  • To assist in the day to day administration.
15 Superintendents Supdt. is the incharge of his section. All the official files are routed through him.  After scrutinizing the files, as per his satisfaction and after  correcting the case, sends to the higher officers.  Marks the daily dak to the concerned dealing hand.  Also keeps record of urgent cases with him in order to maintain the official record in a proper form, guides the subordinate officials working under him in his branch.
16 Section Officer To assist the Assistant Controller (F&A) in accounts and audit matters and to conduct the internal audit of the department.
17 Deputy Director,
Animal Husbandry
(Distt. Level)
  1. He is overallincharge of the livestock development, breeding activities, health care and other misc. jobs in their respective districts.
  2. He is Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the schemes/programmes in his district.
  3. To direct ,supervise and organize the cattle breeding operations in various A.I./Breeding centres in their area.
  4. To submit  various reports and returns in regard to physical/financial achievements to the Director, Animal Husbandry,regularly.
18 Senior Veterinary
  • They will supervise working of Veterinary Hospitals/Dispensaries and AI centres/units in the sub divisions.
  • They will supervise the working of cattle development programmes in the sub division.
  • They will act as representatives of the department with other departments at sub divisional level.
  • They will assist project officers at director level in such matters as may be specifically entrusted.
  • They will provide technical  assistance and advice to the Vety.staff in sub divisions.
  • They will arrange supply of medicines and instruments to the Vety.Hospitals/dispensaries/AI centres in the sub division.
  • They will sanction casual leave to the staff at Vety.Hospitals/dispensaries/AI centres in the sub division.
  • They will initiate Annual Confidential Reports of the staff working in Vety.Hospitals/Dispensaries/centres/units at sub divisional level.
  • They will be incharge of the Vety. Hospitals at the the sub-divisional headquarters.
  • They will also perform major and minor operations like Caesarean operations, Dystokia, castration, prolapse, Hernia etc.
  • They will also be responsible for conducting laboratory examinations of the blood, stool and urine samples of cases suffering from obscure diseases.
19 Veterinary Officers:
  1. Diagnose, prescribe and treat the indoor and outdoor cases in  the veterinary hospital.
  2. Ante and postmortem examination of livestock.
  3. Control of contagious diseases amongst livestock.
  4. Castration of male livestock.
  5. Inspection of gaushalas.
  6. Publicity, propaganda and extension work relating to livestock breeding, feeding and management practices.
  7. Artificial insemination in cattle and buffaloes.
  8. Implementation of the beneficiaries oriented and other schemes of the department.
  9. Recording of outdoor and AI cases and overall control of stock and stores.
  10. To ensure maintenance of Hospital record and submission of  reports. 
  11. Regular/periodic visit and supervision of  the dispensaries under his control for giving advice and attending to cases of serious nature in their jurisdiction.
  12. Management of livestock  farms.
  13. Management of Frozen Semen Banks/Artificial Insemination Centres.
  14. Issuing of Health Certification and P.M. Certifications.
  15. Issuing of Export permits.
  16. Dealing  inVetro- legal cases.
  17. Any other duties assigned by the competent authorities.
20 Veterinary Inspector:
  1. To keep the Hospitals equipment neat and clean.
  2. Compounding and dispensing of medicines.
  3. Dressing wounds and bandaging.
  4. To handle animals and administer medicines.
  5. Treatment of minor and simple ailments in animals.
  6. Rendering assistance to the Veterinary Officers, Incharge of the hospitals/dispensaries in  performing major operations.
  7. To help Veterinary Officers in maintaining the record of the hospitals.
  8. To perform Artificial Insemination in the buffaloes/cows.
  9. To follow up A.I. cases.
  10. To vaccinate the animals of the area to prevent the spread of any outbreak/disease.
  11. To register the cattle of the area.
  12. To maintain the official records of the dispensaries/ A.I. centres including medicines etc.
  13. To assist the  Veterinary Officers in various development activities/schemes.

4.  Services provided by Department:

The Animal Husbandry Department provides various type of services to the people of livestock development which are as follows:-

  1. Animal Production:
    • Artificial Insemination: Artificial Insemination for breed improvement of cattle an buffalo are provided through trainined personnel at the door steps of the farmers.
    • Semen Production: High semen production for breed up-gradation of cattle and buffalo is produced from two ISO certified 'A' grade semen stations at Nabha and Roopnagar.
  2. Animal Health:
    • Vaccination for prevention of diseases:
      • Vaccination for the prevention and control of infectious and contagious diseases in livestock and poultry i.e. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Haemorrhagic Septicaemia/Gal Gottu (H.S), Entero-Toxaemia (ETV), Swine Fever, Rabies, Fowl Pox and Brucellosis etc is done by the department.
    • Vaccine Production:
      • Department has vaccine production unit "Punjab Veterinary Vaccine Institute", situated at Ludhiana for the production of bacterial & viral vaccines for the prevention and control of infectious & contagious diseases in livestock & poultry
    • Treatment of sick animals:
      • Through a wellknit network of veterinary institutions namely Veterinary Polyclinics, Veterinary Hospitals and Veterinary Dispensaries timely treatment and diagnostic facilities are provided to domestic livestock, pigs and poultry.
  3. Fodder Production:
    1. Green fodder production at Govt. Farms.
    2. Production of quality fodder seed.
    3. Establishment of silo - pits for silage.
    4. Urea treatment demo - units.
    5. Area specific mineral mixture distribution
  4. Development of other species:
    1. Poultry Development: Department is providing training to interested poultry farmers and supplying day old chicks for the establishment of backyard poultry units.
    2. Piggery Development: Department is providing training to interested piggery farmers and supplying piglets from its Piggery Farms forestablishment of piggery units.
    3. Sheep and Goat Development: Department is providing training to interested Goat farmers and supply rams to the interested sheep farmers. Department is also providing subsidy for the establishment of Goatry & piggery units under RKVY scheme.
  5. Extension and Awareness Service:
    1. Animal Husbandry Department has 1 Veterinary Institution for every 4.2  villages which impart & implement veterinary health, breeding and extension  services to the farmers every day resulting in highest Artificial Insemination  coverage in cattle & buffalo in the country.
    2. Awareness — cum treatment camps are regularly organized in the villages under ASCAD and other departmental schemes to implement various state and central projects and policies.

5.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Punjab Livestock Development Board:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile FAX
Capt. Amarinder Singh
Chief Minister Punjab
- F- 2743463
Minister Incharge
Vice Chairman



- F- 2743463Raj 
Raj Kamal Chaudhuri
Chief Executive Officer 0172-2740190 - -
Dr. Inderjeet Singh
DAH 0172-2701324 - 0172-2701832


Punjab Gau Sewa Commission:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile FAX
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -

8.  Important Documents:

S. No. Details Download Link

 Office Manuals

1 Business Rules
2 Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism
3 Citizen Charter of Animal Husbandry Department


For detailed information:

Department's Website:

2. Name of the Administrative Department:  Department of Dairy Development

2. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile
S. Inderjit Singh
Dairy Development 0172-5027285

3.  Business Rules of the department:

  1. Establishment of Dairy Development Department
  2. Development of Dairy Industry in the State
  3. The Punjab Dairy Development Board
  4. Milk Consumer Awareness
  5. Administration of regulatory measures of order pertaining to compounded cattle feed, Concentrates and Mineral Mixtures and other nutritional inputs
  6. Dairy training, Extension and Transfer of Technology, Infrastructure and Services
  7. Promotion of the dairy farming in the state
  8. Development of Dairy entrepreneurs

4.  Services provided by Department:

  1. Dairy Training and Extension Services
  2. Promotion of Dairy Farming - getting new dairy units established
  3. Providing assistance to dairy farmers to upscale, modernize and automate their operations.

5.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:


Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Mobile FAX
Capt. Amarinder Singh
- -
Raj Kamal Chaudhuri
Chief Executive 0172-2740190 - -


For detailed information:

Department's Website: (