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Name of the Administrative Department:  Department of Finance, Punjab

Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Manpreet Singh Badal
Cabinet Minister
- 2740199
- 9877900786


Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Anirudh Tewari, IAS
Principal Secretary 2742316 - 9646200052
Sh. Vijay Namdeorao Zade, IAS
Secretary Expenditure 2741145 - 9463333278



Department of Finance largely performs the function of advising the Government on all financial matters. One of the most important functions of the department is the formulation of the Budget. Finance department is also entrusted with the responsibility of framing rules regulating pay, emoluments and other service conditions of all Government Employees. The department handles the work as provided in the Government of Punjab, Allocation of Business Rules, 2007. It has administrative control of the Punjab Infrastructure Development Board and Directorates of Treasuries & Accounts, National Small Savings, Financial Resources and Economic Intelligence, Institutional Finance &Banking, State Lotteries and Disinvestments.


  1. Administration of State Loan Accounts and Debt Servicing.
  2. Advice on cases involving financial implications relating to all Departments of the Government of Punjab.
  3. Appropriation of accounts and reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the Accountant General, Punjab as well as the reports of the Public Accounts Committee.
  4. Borrowings by the State Government from the open market and giving guarantees on the loans raised by the statutory autonomous bodies.
  5. Currency and Finance Reports.
  6. Creation of Compassionate Fund, Insurance Fund and Saving Fund through the Group Insurance Scheme, Compulsory Life Insurance Scheme or any other Insurance Scheme for Government employees.
  7. Decimal Coinage.
  8. Estimates Committee.
  9. Proposals for increase or decrease in the rates of existing  taxes or levy of fresh taxes, mobilization of financial recourses through taxes, duties or fees etc. and review and analysis of the tax structure of the State.
  10. Scheme of new expenditure.
  11. Foreign Exchange matters.
  12. Finance Commission.
  13. Framing of Financial Rules.
  14. General Financial Administration including:-
    1. Authority to decide the extent to which the audit of receipts and stores and stock accounts should be enforced.
    2. Framing of rules regulating the conditions of service of Government employees including revision and relaxation thereof.
    3. State's share of Income Tax.
    4. State's share of Central Excise Duty.
    5. State's share of Estate Duty.
    6. Grant in lieu of the State's share of taxes on the Railway fares.
  15. Management of Public Funds including:-
    1. Investment of surplus cash balances.
    2. Contingency Funds.
    3. Watching progress of receipts and expenditure.
    4. Recovery of Government of India's share in Plan expenditure and resources for plan expenditure.
    5. Assessment of resources for State's Annual Plan or Five Year Plan.
    6. Assessment of Receipts and Expenditure of the State.
  16. Pay fixation, pension and old adjustments relating to erstwhile States of Punjab and PEPSU including cases prior to reorganization and formation of PEPSU.
  17. Preparation of State Budget and watching of State Expenditure.
  18. Preparation of Supplementary Estimates and excess demands over grants and appropriation.
  19. Prescribing the units of appropriation.
  20. The Public Account, Deposits and Advances etc.
  21. The Punjab Accounts and Finance Service, including training of Government employees in Accounts.
  22. Revision of Scales of Pay (General).
  23. All financial matters relating to River Valley Projects.
  24. Small Saving Schemes and Lottery Schemes.
  25. Tendering of advice on matters affecting directly the finances of the State that is to say:-
    1. Grants, contributions, supplies and services, contingencies, recoveries from the payments to other Government Departments, State loans and advances and cases relating to money matters including defalcations, embezzlements and losses occurring in the grants made for contingencies and "Supplies and Services".
    2. Emoluments and allowances including travelling allowances of officers and the establishments.
    3. Loans and advances such as car advance, house building advance, Passage Advances.
  26. Defalcation, embezzlements and losses occurring in Government Treasuries.
  27. All matters relating to:-
    1. The Chief Accounts Officer, Bhakra Nangal Project and his establishment .
    2. The Financial Adviser, Beas Project and his staff. 
    3. The Chief Accounts Officer, Beas Project and his staff. 
    4. The Local Fund Accounts. 
    5. The State Subordinate Accounts Service. 
    6. Treasuries.
    7. The Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
  28. State Finance Commission.
  29. All matters relating to the Directorate of Disinvestment.



The Directorate of Pensions and Welfare of Pensioners Punjab was set up on 1-8-1986 with the sale purpose of serving the retirees. The main function of the Directorate of Pensions & Welfare of Pensioners, Punjab is the redressal of grievances of the Pensioners, regarding their Pensionery benefits and to ensure expeditious disposal of their claims in this behalf by the concerned Departments and the Accountant General, Punjab. Every year a large number of pending pension cases are finalized with the efforts of this department. The objective is to visit the Government Offices located at Headquarters and also these located in the field for ensuring proper and expeditious implementation of the policies of the State Government relating to pension, service gratuity and ex-gratia grant, etc.


  1. Formulation of policy and coordination of matters relating to retirement benefits to the employees to the Government of Punjab.
  2. Administration of :-
    1. The Punjab Civil Services Rules, Volume II, relating to Pension and Death-cum-Retirement Benefits
    2. Any other matter relating to pensioners
  3. Pension structure and relief to pensioners.
  4. New facilities or fringe benefits to pensioners.
  5. Matters relating to amendment to or relaxation of the Rules concerning pension and retirement benefits.
  6. Policy and coordination relating to welfare of Punjab Government pensioners.



  1. Matters relating to institutional finance, preparation of bankable schemes for other Departments and monitoring their implementation for proper utilization of institutional finance.
  2. All banking matters excluding the matters relating to the Reserve Bank of India, and the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.
  3. All matters concerning coordination between the Life Insurance Corporation of India and the General Insurance Corporation, and the State Government.
  4. Rural Credit.
  5. Matters relating to Stock Exchanges.
  6. The Usurious Loans Act, 1918.
  7. The Punjab Registration of Money Lenders Act, 1938.
  8. The Punjab Agricultural Credit Operations and Miscellaneous Provisions (Banks) Act, 1978.
  9. The Chit Funds Act, 1982.
  10. The Agriculture Refinance Corporation.
  11. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.

D. Punjab State Lotteries:-

Punjab State Lotteries is the official lottery of the Punjab Government. The Directorate of Lotteries under the Finance Department of the State Government provides clean and transparent lottery to the lottery playing citizens. The Punjab State Lotteries are conducted under the provisions of the Lotteries (Regulations) Act, 1998, the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010 and the Punjab State Lotteries Rules, 1998.


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1 Description of Work - Finance Department
2 Description of Work - Secretary Mandi Board

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Departments under Finance Department

Name of the Administrative Department: Directorate of Small Savings, Punjab, Chandigarh


Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Smt. Surinder Kaur Waraich,
Director 0172-2660115
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Business Rules of the department: 

Allocation of business rules, 2007 (Chapter 11)


Services provided by Department: 

  1. Small savings plays a vital role in assisting people in generating a habit of savings. Small Saving Schemes not only helps people in creating a habit of saving, but also provides Self-employment opportunity in the form of agents to more than 10000 people under the state department. Indian Government divert the Net collection of small savings made during financial year to State in terms of Soft Term loans. This loan is used for welfare and prosperity of the state people.
  2. The department gives employment to educated boys and girls to eradicate unemployment by allocating small saving agency.
  3. Agents work for raising awareness regarding small saving schemes for people sitting at their home so that a common man can get immense benefit of the scheme run by the ministry under the Government of India.
  4. If people face any difficulties in depositing or transacting money in Post Offices and Banks then district offices of small saving department helps to solve those problems.

Following are the schemes of small savings department:

  1. Saving Account Scheme
  2. Monthly Income Scheme
  3. 5 Year Recurring Deposit Scheme
  4. Sukanya Samridhi Account Scheme
  5. Post Office 1/2/3/5 Time Deposit
  6. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
  7. Kisan Vikas Patra
  8. Public Provident Fund 
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