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Department of Forest & Wild Life Preservation Department of Forest & Wild Life Preservation

1.  Name of the Administrative Department: Department of Forests and Wildlife Preservation, Punjab

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Sadhu Singh Dharmsot
Cabinet Minister
2686965 9815545390


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Himmat Singh IAS
Special Principal Secretary
- - - 9953631957


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Dr. Kuldip Kumar, IFS
0172-2728601 9814462074


5.  Business Rules of the department:

A. Forest Wing

Allocation of Business Rules:

  1. Establishment of Forest Wing.
  2. Administration of the following Acts, namely: -
  • The Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900
  • The Punjab Forest (Sale of Timber) Act, 1913
  • The Indian Forest Act, 1927
  • The Patiala Forest Act, 1999 (B.K.)
  • The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980

B. Wildlife Preservation Wing

Allocation of Business Rules:-

  1. Establishment of the Wild Life Preservation, Wing.
  2. Administration of the following Act and Rules framed there under:-
  • The Punjab Wild Life Preservation Act, 1959
  • The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972
  • Protection of Fauna.
  • Protection and Preservation of Wild Life.
  • Zoo, deer parks, protection of rare species of wild life and wild life farms.


6.  Services provided by Department:

  1. Free/ at nominal rates supply of clonal and other high gnality plants to farmers and public
  2. Processing of applications and issue of NOC for using forest land for non forest purposes, under Forest Conservation Act-1980
  3. Issuing of licenses for wood based industries in the state
  4. Technical Training of farmers and other people for planting plants and taking  care of them
  5. Employment to thousands of people in planting, felling and nursery programme of the dept.
  6. Organizing nature camps
  7. No objection certificate for gun license for area within 10 km of  forest
  8. Registration of persons processing arms and residing within 10 km of PA
  9. Permit for hunting the animals (public grievance redressal)
  10. Wildlife articles certification
  11. Wildlife rescue management
  12. Maintaining ecological system and environment of the state by bringing maximum area under tree cover
  13. Compensation for loss of crops and humans caused by wildlife in the state


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office/Res. Mobile
Dr. Kuldip Kumar, IFS
(O) 0172-2298007
(R) 0172-2728601
9814462074 -


For detailed information

Department's Website: www.pbforests.gov.in