Department of Industries & Commerce Department of Industries & Commerce

1.  Name of the Administrative Department:  Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Punjab

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Shri. Sunder Sham Arora
Cabinet Minister

01882-223873, 98152-12222, 94639-00011

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3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Smt. Vini Mahajan IAS
Addl. Chief Secretary
Industries & Commerce, Punjab 2704472
- 9814106265
Sh. Sibin.C , IAS
Industries & Commerce, Punjab 2701214
- 9815304213


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Sibin.C , IAS
Industries & Commerce, Punjab 0172-2701214
- 9815304213


5.  Business Rules of the department:

Punjab is an economy where the basis for competitiveness is the intellectual capital and capability to absorb process and apply knowledge. We have a strong technological base both in public and private sector and a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that thrives on creativity, nimbleness and good business sense. Industries remain an integral component of the State economy, with capabilities in the entire manufacturing value chain, from R&D and design to marketing and sales. Punjab is building successful partnerships with foreign firms, strengthening domestic capabilities and forging strategic linkages. The industrial work force should be cost-competitive, motivated, and highly productive with world -class capabilities in industrial and business management, technology, R& D, production and services, and international market development. The Department of Industries & Commerce plays a pivotal role in rendering assistance to the entrepreneurs. The process of assistance begins with the very first stage of project identification to financial assistance up to the commissioning of Industrial units. The existing industry is also helped in the process of continuous up gradation of technology and modernization.

A. Industries Wing
Allocation of Business Rules:-

  1. All matters relating to establishment of the Directorate of Industries.
  2. Annual Administration Reports of the Department of Industries.
  3. Administration of the following Acts:-
    • The Boilers Act, 1923
    • The Indian Explosives Act, 1894
    • The Land Acquisition Act, 1894(acquisition of land for industrial purposes in an Industrial Estate)
    • The Partnership Act, 1932
    • The Petroleum Act, 1934
    • The Punjab State Aid to Industries Act, 1935
    • The East Punjab Factories and Dismantling Act, 1948
    • The Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951
    • The Mines Act, 1952
    • The Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board Act, 1955
    • The Companies Act, 1956
    • Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957
    • The Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976 (references relating to industries)
    • The Compulsory Quality Control for Domestic Electrical Appliances Act, 1978
    • The Punjab minerals (Vsting of Rights) Act, 1994
  4. Adminstration of the following Orders/Rules:-
    • The Carbide of Calcium Rules, 1937
    • The Petroleum Concession Rules, 1949
    • The Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board Rules, 1957
    • Punjab Minor Mineral Rules, 2013
    • Lubricating Tyres and Tubes for Automotiv Vehicles (Quality Control Orders 2009)
    • Steel and Steel products, (2nd Quality Control Order 2012)
  5. All matters relating to the following schemes:-
    • Credit guarantee scheme
    • Industrial schemes
    • Industrial Rehabilitation loan scheme
  6. Development of industries in backward areas.
  7. Loans subsidies and grants-in-aid under the Punjab State Aid to Industries Act, 1935 and non-Cooperative Credit Agencies grant and recovery.
  8. Mineral resources-including Petroleum Development
  9. All matters relating to the:-
    • Excise duty imposed by the Central Government on industry
    • Geological surveys
    • Export promotion
    • Imports and exports of industrial products
    • Industrial areas
    • Industrial estates
    • Industrial exhibition
    • Industrial Intelligence Bureau
    • Industrial supplies including iron, steel and coal
    • Inventions and designs (scientific research)
    • Marketing organization (Textiles)
    • Quality marketing centers
    • Railway users consultative Committees
    • Rural industrilization
    • Cottage industries
    • Large scale industries
    • Small scale industries
    • Hand loom and handicraft
    • rate contract and purchase of stores including blacklisting of suppliers
    • Stores including local purchase, condemnation and disposal
    • Registration of Trading Companies and Associations
    • Removal of transport difficulties in respect of industries
    • Punjab Industrial Incentives Code and the Industrial Policy Statements
    • Subsidies, grants, loans and other incentives for industries
    • Industrial Dvelopment Centers
    • Rural Industrial Development Centers
      • Training and Hide Flaying Centers etc
      • Punjab State Handloom & Textile Development Corporation Limited
      • Punjab State Hosiery and Knitwear Dvelopment Corporation Limited
      • Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation Limited
      • Goindwal Industrial and Investment Corporation Limited
      • Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board
      • Punjab Financial Corporation
      • Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation Limited
      • Punjab State Export Promotion Board
  10. Establishment of the office of the Controller of Stores, Punjab
  11. All matters relating to commerce.
  12. All matters relating to the Government Companies as defined in : Companies Act.
  13. All matters relating to the Project Approval Board of the State Government.
  14. Guidelines regarding Installation of Telecom Towers and other Telecom infrastructure by Authorized License of Telecom/Registered Infrastructure providers over the Government land buildings.
  15. Government of India MSMED Act 2006, Chapter-V under the interest on delayed payments Enterprises.

B. Electronic Wing
Allocation of Business Rules:-

  1. The main activities/functions are:
    • To provide facilities for promotion of IT and IT enabled services, electronics, communication in the state.
    • Infrastructure creation and development for knowledge industry.
    • Marketing of the state as a Preferred Investment Destination.
    • Executive agency for IT and e-Governance projects.
    • IT & ESDM Policy Advocacy.
    • Nodal agency responsible for overall coordination of the Investment Promotion Campaign on behalf of Govt. of Punjab and arrange for investers summits/meets.
    • Conduct training for Government Departments/Organization through CAL-C Franchisees
  2. All matters relating to the subject of electronics of generic nature and relating to any scheme or the Acts of acquisition of land etc.

Punjab Small Industries & Export Corporation Ltd.

Punjab Small Industries Export Corporation limited was set in 1962 with the objective of supporting the Individual in his endeavor to set up his own industrial unit. And help him and the small-scale industry to grow in Punjab. Today PSIEC Ltd. has grown to become a Rs. 2000 million profit making corporation, with committed workforce of about 1000 people. With growing interests in infrastructure development, distribution of raw materials, promotion of exports from state, providing marketing assistance to small scale industries & show casing & developing handicrafts through training & marketing finished products. As PSIEC Ltd. moves hand in hand with the individual in the 21st century, it envisages a border role for itself in laying the infrastructure for the industrial development in Punjab.

Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board.

Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board was established by the Punjab Government on 25.10.1956 under Section 3(1) of the Punjab Khali and Village industries Board Act 1955. It is a statutory body. The Board consists of not more than 15 members appointed by the Government from time to time including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Member Secretary, Joint Secretary and other official/non-official members. The Board holds its ordinary meetings once at least in every three months. The Board is operating in the state through its District Offices located at various District Headquarters of the state.

Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT)

The Department of Industries and Commence, Govt of Punjab, establishment Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, 1995, comprehending and visualizing the need of trained professionals in the arena of Textile and Garment Industry. An MOU was signed with the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi for steering and supporting in admission procedure, faculty recruitment and training as well as curriculum scheduling and upgrading, equipped with conspicuously fast developing and already established garment industry situated at Ludhiana, Dera bassi, Baddi, Lalru and in the vicinity of Chandigarh, become a preferred location for NIIFT to have its firm base and thus adding to the prestige and distinction of the famous city. NIIFT has got affiliation with Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar in 2012 for up gradation of its Diploma Programs into Degree Programs. The first batch M.Sc (Garment Mfg. Technology and Fashion Marketing Management) passed in 2015 and first batch of B.Sc (Fashion Design, Textile Design, Textile Design Knits)  passed out in 2016. The future vision of NIIFT is to make it an internationally reputed Research and Development Institute for Textile and Apparels.


6.  Services provided by Department:

Services provided by Development of Industries & Commerce, Punjab:

  • Registration of societies under Society Registration Act-XXI, of 1860 at District Level.
  • Registration of Societies under Society Registration Act-XXI of 1860 at Headquarter Level.
  • Registration of New Firms.
  • Allotment of plots
  • Certification/Inspection of Boilers
  • Mortgage/First Charge on Industrial Plots.
  • Issuance of No Due Certificates
  • Transfer of Industrial Plots where conveyance deed has already been executed in Industrial Area, Industrial Estates and Industrial Development Colony in the State of Punjab (through original allottee)
  • Transfer of Industrial Plots where conveyance deed has already been executed in Industrial Area, Industrial Estates and Industrial Development Colony in the State of Punjab (through GPA)
  • Transfer of industrial Plots where conveyance deed has already been executed in Industrial Area, Industrial Estates and Industrial development colony in the state of Punjab (within family / blood relation)
  • Grant of Conveyance deed to the allottee of the Industrial Plots in the State for the first time on successful start of Industrial activity and payment of Government dues.
  • Permission for renting of portion of Industrial Plot in Focal points.
  • Permission for change of end product in Focal points.
  • Grant of License under Lubricating and Grease control order, 1987.
  • Entrepreneurship Memorandum Part-I under the MSME Act, 2006.
  • Entrepreneurship Memorandum Part-II under the MSME Act, 2006
  • Issue of No Due Certificate to the outstanding loanees who have availed loans from the Department under Punjab State Aid to Industries Act, 1935 Seed Margin Money and Handloom cases.
  • Issuance of I-Card to Handloom Weavers and Artisans.
  • NOC / Permission for sale of Industrial Plots in Industrial Area, Industrial Estate and Industrial development Colony.

Services provided by Punjab Small Industries & Export Corporations Limited (PSIEC)

  • Sanction of water supply and sewerage connection.
  • Mortgage 1st charge.
  • Registration of lease/Conveyance deed.
  • Conversion from Lease to free hold.
  • Extension in time period for possession.
  • Issuance of No Due Certificate.
  • Transfer of Industrial plot through original allottee.
  • Transfer of Industrial plot through GPA.
  • Transfer of Industrial plot (within family blood relation.)
  • NOC / Permission to sale.

Services provided by Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corportion Limited (Punjab Infotech):

  • Mortgage 1st change.
  • Registration of Lease/conveyance deed.
  • Conversion from lease to free hold.
  • Allotment of plots.
  • Issuance of No Due Certificates.
  • Transfer of Industrial Plots through original allottee.
  • Transfer of Industrial Plot through GPA.
  • Transfer of Plot (within family blood relation)
  • NOC/Permission to sale of Industrial Plot.
  • Reply to the bond-holders in respect of non-receipt of payment against bonds or any other query of the bond holders.


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office Residence
Sh. Sibin.C, IAS
Managing Director, PSIEC Ltd.

Fax: 0172-2702717

Sh. Sibin.C, IAS, Director General NIIFT



Sh. Manjeet Singh Brar, IAS.
Managing Director, PunjabAlkalies
0172-4072545 -
Dr. Indu Malhotra, I.A.S, Managing Director,P.F.C

Fax: 0172-2709297

Sh. Rajat Agarwal, CEO Invest Punjab.


Sh. Rajat Agarwal, MD Punjab Infotech.


Sh. Rajat Agarwal, PBIP, Puncom 0172-2237106 -

Mr. Vineet Kumar, I.A.S, Managing Director, PSIDC 0172-2704040 - -
Sh. Kuldeep Singh Brar, Member Secretary, KVIC 0172-2725804


8.  Imprtant Documents:

S. No. Details Download Link

 Office Manuals

1 Punjab Minor Mineral Rules, 2013
2 Working of Controller of Stores
3 Procedure and Rules for the purchase of stores
4 Amendment Bill, 2016
5 PKVIB Act, 1956
6 One Time Settlement OTS Scheme for Equity Loans of PSIDC 2018 

Report Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARRA) Act, 2013 Scheme