Department of NRI Affairs Department of NRI Affairs

1. Name of the Administrative Department:  Department of NRI Affairs

2. Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Capt. Amarinder Singh
Chief Minister Punjab


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. S.R Ladhar, IAS
Principal Secretary
- 0172-2742691 - 9417500610
Sh. Sukhwinder Singh, IAS
Special Secretary cum Commissioner
- 0172-2602726 - 9915010135


4.  Business Rules of the department:

  1. Foreign NGOs, willing to enter into mutual charters to and the development of municipal and rural areas in Punjab, e.g. town twinning projects, etc.
  2. Correspondence with Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and Foreign Missions, etc., for the problems relating to NRIs regarding visas opening/Up-gradation of visa-centers and industrial liaison, etc.
  3. To coordinate with NGOs in the State of Punjab dealing with NRIs.
  4. Making and implementation of scheme relating to NRIs in respect of:-
    • Plan Scheme- C.D. 2.35 providing matching grants in NRI shared projects for creating infrastructure like school, buildings, community services, Hospitals, Libraries, drinking water scheme, Sewerage disposal, public latrines,  streetlights and sports stadium and other projects.
    • Following an integrated policy for using funds provided by the Punjab Government in NRI share projects like construction of bridges etc., from RDF to which NRIs can contribute meaningfully for creation of such infrastructure.
    • Attracting foreign capital and assistance for twinning of city Kapurthala with Derby (UK) and Jalandhar with Borough of Hounslow (UK).
    • Coordinating with the Department of Technical Education and Medical Education in respect in of respect of reservations of seats in Technical Colleges/ Institutions and Medical Colleges and charging of fees etc., from NRIs.
    • Consideration of schemes to start Baccalaureate system of Education in some existing schools in Punjab and setting up of some system abroad with a view to help NRI Youngsters to acquaint them with their heritage and to develop a certain amount of attachment to their motherland and also get much better understanding of India.
    • Coordination with the projects encouraging mutual understanding and friendship between Derby (UK) and Kapurthala through school linking which will envisage exchange programme where the representative of Education Department from UK will visit our schools and suggest measures to upgrade the educational and environmental system prevalent in UK.
    • Formulating organized schemes regarding Tourism and Cultural Affairs to invite NRIs especially the younger generation with a view to maintain their ethnic bonds with their motherland.
    • Coordination in making optimum use of NRIs contribution in the field of sports.
    • Creation of Data Bank of NRIs and to give on line service to the NRIs.
    • Giving of wide publicity of Government efforts/ policies in favor of NRIs in the State of Punjab in foreign media.
  5. Matters relating to grant of honors by any Department, conferring Honour, Ph.D.etc., relating to NRI affairs will seek clearance from the NRI Affairs Department who will get clearance from the Govt. of India, as may be required.
  6. All matters relating to authentication of documents submitted by the Non-Resident Indian after getting countersigned from Deputy Commissioners.


5.  Services provided by Department:

This Department provide the following type of services to the NRIs:

S. No. Type of Service Service Details Timeline/ Quality
1 Attestation of various documents: Various types of documents like birth certificate, educational qualifications, residence/ nationality proof are attested by the officers of this Department. After verification, the documents returned to the concerned on the same day.


Grievance Redressal Mechanism

This Department has a very effective Grievance Redressal Mechanism as under:

S. No. Type of Service Service Details Timeline/ Quality
1 Redressal of the grievances of the NRIs. Grievances received from the NRIs with regard to the safeguard of their property/Land related disputes, matrimonial disputes, duping by travel agents and harassment by foreign employers are sent to the Inspector General of Police/NRIs and other concerned quarters for redressal. As the NRIs comes to India for a short stay, the Department tries to resolve their complaints possibly within 15 days.


Besides this, the following steps have been taken by this Department to resolve the problems of the NRIs:

  1. Punjab State Commission for NRIs has been established by an Act to resolve the problems faced by NRIs in the year 2011.
  2. 13 NRI Police Stations have been established throughout the state.
  3. Fast Track Revenue Courts have been established for speedy disposal of NRIs cases and District Revenue Officers conferred with the powers of Assistant Collector First Grade for partition related matters of NRIs.
  4. Special Civil Court (Judicial) for NRIs has been established at Jalandhar and two more courts are proposed to be set up at Ludhiana and Moga. In this regard, the Department of Home Affairs and Justice has been requested to take appropriate action.
  5. Punjab Urban Rent control Act has been amended for the early eviction of the tenants from the properties owned by NRIs.
  6. The New Punjab Security of Land Tenures (Amendment) Act 2013 and the PEPSU Tenancy and Agricultural Land (Amendment) Act, 2013 have also been amended and NRIs can get their Ancestral Agricultural Property and property purchased by NRIs  vacated from tenants within five years.
  7. To save Punjabi Youths from migration related frauds and harassment, the Prevention of Human Trafficking/Smuggling Act was enacted. Subsequently, this Act has been renamed as Punjab Travel Professional Regulation Act, 2014.
  8. To safeguard NRIs and daughters of Punjab from marriage related frauds, the compulsory Marriage Registration Act has been enacted.
  9. To facilitate and expedite the registration of NRI marriages, the power of marriage registration has been given to DCs, District Revenue Officers, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars.
  10. The State have made 10% reservation for NRIs in allocation of residential and industrial plots.
  11. The Punjab State Government puts check on registration of unwanted FIRs against NRIs by making it mandatory for SHOs to first get approval from SP or Superior Officers.
  12. A separate NRI and women Wing of Punjab Police has also been established for looking into criminal cases related to NRIs. This Wing is headed by an I.G.P. Rank Officer. The Wing have a dedicated police force and cases related to NRIs are monitored by DIG/AIG. Nodal Officer of the Inspector rank of NRI Wing for also monitored such cases.
  13. Honorary NRI Nambardars have been appointed.
  14. Single Window Grievance Redressal System has been set up for NRIs and a Call Centre has also been set up at NRI Police Wing where all kind of complaints can be lodged on the Website of the Department of NRI Affairs.
  15. NRI Samelans and NRI Sangat Darshan are also held to resolve the problems of NRIs.
a) Name and contact details of public Grievance Officers. Sh. Ishwar Singh, IG, NRI.
b) Helpline No./Website urL to lodge grievance: 0172-2260042


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