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Department of Printing and Stationery Department of Printing and Stationery

1.  Name of the Administrative Department: Printing & Stationery Punjab

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Sadhu Singh Dharmsot
Cabinet Minister
2686965 9815545390


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Vijay Kumar Janjua, IAS
Principal Secretary
vkjanjua@yahoo.com 2741193 2270077 9592564371


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Smt. Jasvinder Kaur Sidhu IAS pa.pbcpt@gmail.com 0172-2549041 0172-2793721 9814205583


5.  Business Rules of the department:

  1. Establishment of the Printing and Stationery Department.
  2. Copy right.
  3. Extension of Post Telegraph and Telephone facilities.
  4. Printing of Government work.
  5. Procurement and supply of Stationery.
  6. Hiring and purchase of typewriters, duplicators, photocopiers and FAX machines.
  7. Policy regarding supply of uniforms and liveries to Government employees and drivers of Government vehicles (except the drivers of the Punjab Roadways).
  8. Supply of Government publications and the Official Gazette.


6.  Services provided by Department:

a).  Publishing of Punjab Government Gazette and making it available on e-Gazette link of the Punjab Government Portal.

The Punjab Printing Manual provides as under:-

  1. Every immediate notification which necessitates an extraordinary issue of the Punjab Government Gazette, should be sent with a letter which should clearly mention the number of spare copies required in each case. Such requisitions will be signed by officers not below the rank of Assistant Secretary to Government. The Deputy Commissioners, can however, send notification for publication in the extraordinary Gazette, in case of extreme urgency and unavoidable circumstances. Ordinarily they should get their notifications published in the ordinary Gazette. All notifications for publication in extraordinary Gazette should be received in the press by 2 p.m. Those received after 2 p.m will be published in Gazette Extraordinary the following day.
  2. Notifications meant for publication in the weekly Gazette should be despatched so as to reach the Government Press, Chandigarh, before 12 noon on Tuesday. Any matter received after 12 noon on Tuesday will be included in the Gazette to be issued next week.

e Gazette

e Gazette application for automation of workflow for publication of notifications has been implemented by the P & S department. The administrative departments and other stakeholders are required to send their notifications online through KMS (Knowledge Management System) of IWDMS to the Printing & Stationery Department.

Procedure for sending notifications for publication to Printing and Stationery Department:-

  • Nodal officers are appointed by the department/ Offices.
  • The training to the Nodal officers is given by the office of Controller, Printing & Stationery, User Name & Password are issued.
  • The department/office is able to send the notifications through KMS of IWDMS  to the Department of Printing & Stationery.

A dedicated sub-portal has been provided on the Punjab Govt. Portal. The notifications can be searched and viewed online by stakeholders as well as public.

b).  Printing Work of Government Departments including Books of Language Department, Punjab. 

Requisitions for printing- All fresh matter sent to the Controller for Printing must be submitted in accordance with the following instructions:-

  • It must be accompanied by the prescribed requisition in form U.F 35, obtainable from the office of the Controller, Printing and Stationery, on which the number of copies required and detailed instructions regarding size of publication, type size, quality of paper , ink and binding , should be given . Unless the requisition forms are filled in completely, the manuscript is liable to be returned.
  • Unless special sanction to the contrary has been granted, requisitions on the Controller, must be signed in the full by as Gazetted Officer who shall be responsible to see that the work has been properly edited and examined , and that it is submitted in accordance with the instructions for the preparation of Manuscripts given in para 3.8 of the Printing & Stationery Manual.
  • The officer submitting the work will also see that a reasonable period is allowed for the execution of work. In the case of urgent and immediate work, which usually involves overtime work, the requisition should, whenever possible , be signed  by an officer not blow the rank of Assistant Secretary or Registrar.
  • Telephonic, requisitions will not be attended to unless immediately confirmed by a requisition in the prescribed form signed by and officer who is competent to sign requisitions as laid down in this rule.
  • When a work of exceptional urgency is required to be undertaken after 5 p.m on any working day, notice must be sent to the Controller well before 2 p.m in order that arrangements may be made for the necessary staff to remain on duty. Without this notice and in the absence of very special reasons, the work shall be taken in  hand on the following day.

c).  Purchase and Supply of Stationery articles to Government departments/offices.

The department of the Printing & Stationery procures articles of stationery through e-tendering process and stores them for supply to various departments/offices of the Punjab Government on the basis of budgetary allotments made to them.

d).  Printing & Supply of the following Forms to Government departments/offices:-

  1. Universal forms.
  2. Treasury & Accounts forms.
  3. Standard Departmental forms.
  4. Non Standard Departmental forms.
  5. New forms.

e).  Installation of telephones as per the delegation of the Telephone Board.

f).  Fixation of norms and cost of supply of uniforms  and Liveries of Government employees and drivers of Government vehicles(other than Punjab Roadways staff).

g).  Disposal of Typewriter, Photocopiers, fax machines etc.

h).  Supply/Sale of Government Publications Gazettes, Diary and Calendar.

The Punjab Government Gazettes, Diaries and Calenders are supplied free of cost to certain departments/offices. These can also be purchased from Govt. Press, S.A.S Nagar against cash. A Catalogue of Govt. Press publications is also available in the Publication Branch of Govt.Press S.A.S Nagar.


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office Mobile
NIL - - - -


8.  Important Documents:

S. No. Details Download Link

 Office Manuals

1 Punjab Printing and Staionary Manual (Second Edition 1975)
2 General Catalogue