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Punjab announces winners of bumper monsoon -2019
Punjab announces winners of bumper monsoon -2019
Rakhi will also be released soon Bumper tickets
Chandigarh, July 8:
Punjab Lottery Department has announced the winners of the Punjab bumper monsoon -2019. Savan bumper draw was held at Ludhiana. The first two winners will meet one-half crore rupees.
A government spokesman said that the name of one-half the first two prizes of Rs ticket number and e -316460 -331362 BC. While the other five prize ticket number of Rs 10 lakh -036353 A, B -658192 -212798 B, B would -587653 -705832 A. He said that two lakh of 20 third prize ticket number 619857, 597078, 361054, 956774, 120991, 816054, 195383, 883910, holders of 611843 and 250904 will be given.
He said that the monsoon is to check the state lottery department's website for accurate and correct information of the results of bumper -2019. The spokesman further said that the state will begin some time in the market, after which tickets will be issued very soon bapara protection 2019 in the wake of the popularity of bumper lottery. He said that is a single lottery is being operated by the state lottery department bumper lotteries across the country that guarantees to be given to the public of the tickets sold the first prize.