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Capt. Amarinder govt. resolves to pursue legal, administrative options on SYL
Chandigarh, March 18

The Punjab government has resolved to pursue the SYL matter both legally and administratively to protect the state’s precious water.

In its first meeting of the council of ministers, led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, the government decided to take recourse to all possible legal and administrative measures to protect the water rights of the people of Punjab.

In line with the PPCC manifesto, which clearly underlined the use of Punjab’s water for Punjab only, as it is a water-stressed state and has no surplus water, the cabinet resolved that the government would take up the matter in the courts and at the administrative level on priority basis.

The cabinet has also decided that the Department of Irrigation would formulate a proposal for canalization of major rivers of the state, namely Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, and construction of high speed economic corridors on bunds (dhusis), not only to secure the livelihood of a large number of farmers but also to generate new possibilities of jobs and businesses for the local populations in and around these areas.