Services Services


Name of Department

1 Department of Social Security and
Development of Women & Children
Old Age Pension
Pension Schemes
National Family Benefit Scheme
Senior Citizen Identity Card
2 Department of Welfare of SCs & BCs Caste Certificate SC
Caste Certificate OBC
Post Matric Scholarship to SC
Post Matric Scholarship to OBC
Aashirwad Scheme
Term Loan to SC
Term Loan to OBC
3 Department of Health &
Family Welfare
Late Entry of Name in Birth Certificate
Late Entry of Name in Death Certificate
Addition of Name of Child in Birth Certificate
Issuance of Birth Certificate (Rural Areas)
Issuance of Death Certificate (Rural Areas)
Correction in Birth Certificate
Correction in Death Certificate
Issuance of Disability Certificate
Issuance of Birth Certificate (Urban Areas)
Issuance of Death Certificate (Urban Areas)
4 Department of Home Addition of Retainers
Addition of Weapons
Application of Extension of Jurisdiction
Cancellation of License
Change of Address
Change of Bore
Deletion of Retainer
Deletion of Weapons
Entry of Weapon
Extension of Cartridges
Issurance of Duplicate Arms License
Issurance of New Arms License
NOC for Sale of Weapon
Permission for Deposit of Weapon in Death Case
Permission for Sale Transfer Weapon in Death Case
Permission to Carry the Weapon
Renewal of Arms License
Marriageability Certificate
Solemnization of Marriage
5 Department of Personnel Issuance of Residence Certificate
6 Department of Governance Reforms Right to Information Act (RTI)
7 Department of General Administration Circuit House Booking
Visitor Pass
8 Department of Removal of Grievance and
Welfare of Pensioners
Grievance Redressal System
9 Department of Rural Development & Panchayats Rural Area Certificate
10 Department of Revenue Attestation of Documents
Copying of Documents
Countersigning of Documents
11 Department of Agriculture Addition of Godown in License for Seeds/Fertilizers/Insecticides
Addition of Items in License for Seeds/Fertilizers/Insecticides
Issuance of Duplicate Agricultural License of Seeds/
Issuance of License for Fertilizers
Issuance of License for Insecticides
Issuance of License for Sale of Seeds