Why is Visitor Pass required?

Entry to Punjab Civil Secretariat is allowed only to visitors (citizens) with a valid Visitor Pass. Citizens may need to visit the Secretariat to meet an employee of the Punjab Civil Secretariat with whom they have a prior appointment.

Get it done Online!

Punjab Portal provides Visitor Pass Management System (VPMS) Application to enable a visitor (citizen) to raise an online request to fix an appointment and generate Visitor Pass.

How do I apply for a Visitor Pass from PunjabOnline Portal?

  • If you have the Username & Password, then log-in into the Portal to apply for the new pass.
  • If you do not have the Username & Password, then register yourself on the Portal by creating your Account on the Portal.
  • To create your Account on the Portal, click ‘Create Account’ link shown to the right of your computer screen. A registration form will open. Fill in details asked in the form (fields marked with * are compulsory). You will be asked to provide a Username and Password of your choice.
  • On registration, Username will be displayed on your computer screen. You are requested to record your Account information (Username and Password) for applying for the pass or using any other services in future.
  • To log-in into the Portal, you need to enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ (provided by you during registration) in the ‘Sign In’ section on the top right of your computer screen and click ‘Sign In’ button.
  • On successful log-in into the system, you can access the Online Visitor Pass Application Form from ‘Visitor Pass > Application Form’ menu on the left side of the page.
  • Fill up the application for a new pass as per the Online Application form (all fields marked with *are compulsory). In the Application Form, using the Employee Search Feature, you can select the Employee you wish to visit. You can enter three preferred appointment dates (you have to enter at least one appointment date).
  • On selecting a preferred appointment date, you will be provided with the timeslots during which the selected employee will be free on your preferred appointment date. You can select any/ all of the suggested free time-slots as preferred time(s).
  • You can also provide the details of anyone accompanying you during the visit.
  • You also need to attach your Photograph (in .jpeg) with the Application Form.
  • After filling the application form, click ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form to submit the form.

How do I track the status of my application for Visitor Pass?

  • After submission of your application, it will go online to the officer to whom you want to meet. The officer will Confirm/Reject your application Online.
  • You can track the status of the appointment request through ‘Status Tracking’ feature provided in the Portal. For detailed status access ‘Status Tracking > Status Link corresponding to the visitor pass request > Track Status’ link available after log-in into the Portal.

How Do I generate my Visitor Pass Online upon confirmation of appointment?

  • When your application is confirmed, a Visitor Pass will be generated on the Portal. Take the print of the Visitor Pass from the Portal. The Pass is accessible from ‘Status Tracking > Status Link corresponding to the visitor pass request > Print Form’ link available after log-in into the Portal.
  • Take the printed visitor pass along with the photo ID card (which you have given at time of pass application) to the entrance(adjacent to the reception counter), where the security personnel will verify the Visitor Pass against the List of Online Approved Visitor passes to authenticate your visitor pass and will let you enter into the secretariat building.