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Department of Transport Department of Transport

1.  Name of the Administrative Department: Department of Transport

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Capt. Amarinder Singh
Chief Minister Punjab


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Dipinder Singh IAS
- 0172-2742691 - 9878401249


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Harmail Singh Sra stc.punjab01@gmail.com 0172-2702575 - 9417860748


5.  Business Rules of the department:

A. State Transport Corporation

          a) Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
          b) Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
          c) Punjab Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
          d) Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1940 (Amend.2007)

B. PEPSU Road Transport Corporation, Patiala

a) PRTC Rules 1981  Amended upto 31.08.2010
b) Officer Rules


6.  Services provided by Deaprtment:

          a) Issurance of Driving Licenses and Conductor Licenses
          b) Issuance of Registration Certificate of motor vehicles
          c) Control of Transport Vehicles (Grant of Permits)
          d) Control of Traffic
          e) Enforcment of motor vehicles Act / Rules


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office Mobile
Lovejeet Kalsi
dtoamritsar02@gmail.com 0183-2565244 9872110237 www.pbtransport.org
Sukhwinder Kumar
PTS, DTO Barnala
dtobarnala19@gmail.com 01679-234388 9872630545 www.pbtransport.org
Latif Ahmad
PCS, DTO Bathinda
dtobathinda03@gmail.com 0164-2216927 9417055198 www.pbtransport.org
Vijay Kumar Syal
PCS, DTO Faridkot
dtofaridkot04@gmail.com 01639-250715 7589472848 www.pbtransport.org
Kanwaljit Singh
PCS, DTO Fatehgarh Sahib
dtofatehgarh23@gmail.com 01763-232196 9888329441 www.pbtransport.org
Gurcharan Singh Sandhu
PTS, DTO Fazilka
dto.fzk@gmail.com - 9814069272 www.pbtransport.org
Charandeep Singh Sanghu
PCS, DTO Ferozpur
dtoferozpur05@gmail.com 01632-245118 9815913523 www.pbtransport.org
J. S. Grewal
PCS, DTO Gurdaspur
dtogurdaspur06@gmail.com 01874-242095 9465583336 www.pbtransport.org
Darbara Singh
PCS, DTO Hoshiarpur
dtohoshiarpur07@gmail.com 01882-220311 9872963056 www.pbtransport.org
R. P. Singh
PCS, DTO Jalandhar
dtojalandhar08@gmail.com 0181-2224278 8968322477 www.pbtransport.org
R. P. Singh
PCS, DTO Kapurthala
dtokapurthala09@gmail.com 01822-233749 8968322477 www.pbtransport.org
Dalwinder Singh
PCS, DTO Ludhiana
dtoludhiana10@gmail.com 0161-2401002 9814473191 www.pbtransport.org
Nitish Singla
PCS, DTO Mansa
dtomansa31@gmail.com 01652-227582 9872279287 www.pbtransport.org
Anita Darshi
dtomoga29@gmail.com 01636-234327 9417109909 www.pbtransport.org
Karan Singh
PTS, DTO Mohali
dtomohali65@gmail.com 0172-5044506 9814079046 www.pbtransport.org
Hardeep Singh
PCS, DTO SahiSri Muktsar Sahib
dtomuktsar30@gmail.com 01633-261468 9872807813 www.pbtransport.org
Jeevan Jagjot
PCS, DTO Sahid Bhagat Singh Nagar
dtonawashahr@gmail.com 01823-222660 9815174220 www.pbtransport.org
Jaswant Singh Dhillon
PCS, DTO Pathankot
dtopathankot35@gmail.com - 9463223293 www.pbtransport.org
Gurpreet Singh Thind
PCS, DTO Patiala
dtopatiala11@gmail.com 0175-2311316 9888448976 www.pbtransport.org
Udedeep Singh Sidhu
PCS, DTO Ropar
dtoropar12@gmail.com 01881-221164 9814412141 www.pbtransport.org
Rajesh Dhiman
PCS, DTO Sangrur
dtosangrur13@gmail.com 01672-234355 9815603737 www.pbtransport.org
Angrej Singh
PTS, DTO TarnTaran
dtotarntaran46@gmail.com 01852-225737 9815101998 www.pbtransport.org
Harjit Singh Sandhu
PCS, RTA Bathinda
rtabathinda03@gmail.com - 9815425128 www.pbtransport.org
Harjit Singh Sandhu
PCS, RTA Ferozpur
rtaferozpur@yahoo.com 01632-246213 9815425128 www.pbtransport.org
Damanjit Singh Maan
PCS, RTA Jalandhar
rtajalandhar@gmail.com 0181-2225887 9988000082 www.pbtransport.org
Gurmit Singh
PCS, RTA Patiala
patialarta@gmail.com 0175-2353932 9888808884 www.pbtransport.org


PEPSU Road Transport Corporation, Patiala-

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office Mobile
Sh. Gurpal Singh Chahal
Managing Director
mdprtc@gmail.com 0175-2311701 9814507001 www.pepsurtc.gov.in