S. No. Department wise Service Name Downloads
Department of Social Security and Development of Women & Children
1  Old Age Pension
2  Pension Schemes
3  National Family Benefit Scheme
4  Senior Citizen Identity Card
5  Issue of Identity Cards to all categories of Handicapped persons
Personnel Department
1  Residence Certificate
Department of Social Justice, Empowerment and Minorities
1  Caste Certificate BC-OBC
2  Caste Certificate SC
3  Aashirwad Scheme
4  Post Matric Scholarship to OBC
5  Post Matric Scholarship to SC
6  Term Loan to OBC
7  Term Loan to SC
8  Issuance of Caste Certificate (General)
9  Income & Assets Certificate
Department of Home Affairs
1 Addition of Retainer
2  Addition of Weapons
3 Application for Extension of Jurisdiction https://punjab.gov.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Application-for-Extension-of-Jurisdiction.pdf
4  Cancellation of License
5  Change of Address
6  Change of Bore
7  Deletion of Retainer
8  Deletion of Weapons
9  Entry of Weapon
10  Application for Extension of Cartridges
11  Issuance of Duplicate Arms License
12  Issuance of Marriageability Certificate
13  Issuance of New Arms License in Form II, III and V
14 Issuance of New Arms License in Form II, III and IV (Individuals, Sports Person and Member of Rifle Associations)
15 Legacy Data Form (for Company/ Organization including Banks )
16  Legacy Data Form (for Individuals, Sports Persons and Members of Rifle Associations/Clubs)
17  NOC for Sale of Weapon
18  Permission for Deposit of Weapon in Death Case
19  Permission for Sale Transfer Weapon in Death Case
20  Renewal of Arms License in Form II, III and V (for Company/ Organization including Banks )
21  Renewal of Arms License in Form II, III and IV (Individuals, Sports Person and Member of Rifle Associations)
22  Permission to Carry the Weapon
23  Punjab Compulsory Reg. of marriage
24  Marriage Under The Punjab Anand Marriage Act
25  Renewal of Arms License
26  Solemnization of Marriage
27  Application for Extension of Purchase Period
28  Permission for Usage of Loud Speaker
Department of Governance Reforms
1  Right to Information
2 Form to Lodge complaint/Grievance
Department of Health and Family Welfare
1  Addition of Name in Birth Certificate
2  Form for registration of Birth(for Adopted child)
3 Correction in Birth Certificate
4 Correction in Death Certificate
5 Delayed Registration (Late Entry) of Birth
6 Delayed Registration (Late Entry) of Death
7 Issuance of Copy of Birth/Non Availability Certificate
8 Issuance of Copy of Death/Non Availability Certificate
9  Issuance of Disability Certificate
10  Copies of the Post Mortem Report
11  Copy of Complete Medico Legal Report
12  Copy of Interim Medico Legal Report
13  Cosmetics Manufacturing License
14  Issuance/ Permission/ Rejection of Registration Certificate to Ultra Sound Centers
15  Issuance of Drug License to Manufacturers of Homeopathy medicines
16  Issuance of Drug License to Manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines
17  Issuance of fresh Drug License to Manufacturers
18  Issuance of fresh Drug License/ Renewal to Retail Chemists
19  Issuance of fresh Drug License/ Renewal to Retail Sale Homeopathic
20  Issuance of fresh Drug License/ Renewal to Wholesale Homeopathic
21  Issuance of fresh Drug License/ Renewal to Whole seller Chemists
22  Issuance of License for Food (If turnover is more than Rs. 12 lakh)
23  Issuance of Medical Certificate
24  Issuance of Registration Certificate for  Food (If turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakh)
Department of Grievance and Pension
1  Grievance Redressal
Department of Rural Development and Panchayat
1  Rural Area Certificate
Department of Revenue and Rehabilitation
1  Attestation of Documents
2  Copying Service
3  Countersigning of Document
4  Issuance of Income Certificate
5  Issuance of Border Area Certificate
6  Issuance of Non – Encumbrance Certificate
7  Issuance of e-Stamp Certificate
8  Backward Area Certificate
9  Endrosement of SPA/GPA
10  Application for e-registration fee/additional registration fee
11 Application Form for Dogra Certificate
Department of Agriculture
1  Addition of Godown in License for Seeds / Fertilizers / Insecticides
2  Addition of Item in License for Seeds / Fertilizers / Insecticides
3  Issuance of Duplicate Agricultural License of Seeds / Fertilizers / Insecticides
4  Issuance/Renewal of License for Fertilizers
5  Issuance/Renewal of License for Insecticides
6  Issuance/Renewal of License for Sale of Seeds
Department of Agriculture (Punjab Mandi Board)
1  Application for Issuance of Conveyance Deed
2  Application for Issuance of No Dues Certificate
3  Application for Issuance of NOC Duplicate Allotment Re-Allotment letter
4  Application for Providing Financial Aid (Exgratia) to Cultivators for any injury or death during Farming Operations
5  Application for Re-transfer of property in case of death (Uncontested) Issuance of No Dues Certificate
6  Application for Re-transfer of property in case of Sale
Department of Labour
1 Updated form for worker registration service
2 Application form for worker registration service
3  Worker Registration
4  Application for Pension Payment Register
5  Application For Balari Toffa Scheme – Form No.49
6  Application for Cycle Scheme – Form No.50
7  Application for Cycle Scheme – Form No-50A
8  Application for Financial assistance for Funeral/last rites of beneficiary/family member
9  Application for General Surgery Scheme
10  Application for Housing Scheme (vertical-II)
11  Application for Incentive to beneficiares who have undergone Skilled Training
12  Application for L.T.C Scheme
13  Application for Maternity Benefit Scheme
14  Application for Mentally Retarded/Handicapped Children Benefit Scheme
15  Application for Pension Scheme
16  Application for Reimbursement of expenditure on occupational Scheme
17  Application for Scholarship Scheme
18  Application for Shagun Scheme for marriage of daughter
19  Application for Skill Upgradation & Vocational Education Scheme
20  Application for Spectacles Denture & Hearing Aid Scheme
21  Application of  Ex-Gratia Scheme
22  Tools Kit Scheme
Department of Housing and Urban Development
1  Issuance of Completion/Occupation Certificate for Buildings
2  Issuance of No Objection Certificate Dupicate Allotment Re-Allotment Letter
3  Sanction of building /Revised Building Plans (Commercial)
4  Sanction of building /Revised Building Plans (Residential)
5  Water Supply and Sewerage Connection
Department of Town and Country Planning
1  Change of land use / NOC in case of Petrol Pump, Rice Sheller, Brick Kiln
Department of Transport
1  Issue of Tax Clearance Certificate
2  Application for Issuance of Fitness Certificate for Commercial Vehicle
3  Medical certificate
4  Physical fitness form1
5  Change of Address in DL
6  Change of Address in RC
7  Change of Name in DL
8  Conductor License Change of Address
9  Conductor License Change of Name
10  Correction of Learner’s license (Address & Name)
11  DL extract
12  Duplicate Learner License
13  Application for Duplicate RC
14  Endorsement to Drive hazardous material
15  Extension of Learner License
16  Hypothecation Addition
17  Hypothecation Continuation
18  Hypothecation Termination
19  Issuance of duplicate DL
20  Issue of NOC (DL)
21  NOC Other State
22  Online National & Punjab Permit Contract Carriage
23  Online Self Backlog of RC
24  Online Tax Registered Transport and New Transport (Within State)
25  Renewal of DL
26  Replacement of DL
27  Surrender of COVS in DL
28  Transfer of Owner (TO) (Within State)
29  Conductor License Renewal
30  Issue of PSV badge to a driver
31  Issue of Duplicate PSV badge
32  Renewal of PSV badge for a DL
Ministry of External Affairs
1  Passport Application Form
Unique Identification Authority of India/Aadhaar
1  Aadhaar Enrolment / Correction Form
2  Aadhaar Data Update / Correction Form
Local Government
1  Property Tax Collection
All Saanjh Services
1 Acknowledgement of Complaint
2 Copy Of F.I.R
3  Copy of untraced report in road accident cases
4  Copy of untraced report in theft cases
5  Copy of untraced report of stolen vehicle
6  Domestic Help or Servant Verification
7  Missing article Sewa Kendra version V3
8  Missing mobile Sewa Kendra version V3
9  Missing passport Sewa Kendra version V3
10  N.O.C For Use of loud Speaker
11  N.O.C. for fair melas exhibitions sports event
12 NOC for pre owned vehicle v2
13  Police Clearance cerificate (Character Verification)
14  Police Clearance certificate (For Private Employee Verification)
15  Police Clearance Certificate (For Visa) V2
16  Tenant Verification (Resident of local area)
Department of Industries and Commerce
1 Self Declaration for Temporary Crackers License
2 Form for Temporary License for Sale of Crackers
Department of Freedom Fighter
1 Application form for Freedom fighter Certificate
2 Application form for Freedom fighter ID Card
Department of NRI Affiars
1 Attestation of Documents by NRI Cell

Self Declaration for Temporary Crackers License

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