What is Punjab State Portal all about?

Punjab State Portal is the Official Web Portal of the Government of Punjab. The portal is a single point of access to the citizens and provides specific information regarding the various online and offline services, benefits, policies, and schemes in the state. The portal contains informational contents, Government documents, and Government department services. Portal also provides provision for the citizen to engage and participate in government activities.

What are the various services available through this portal?

The services provided through this portal include mainly the services offered by the various Departments under the Government of Punjab. The other services include information on various schemes, events, documents, press releases, RTI disclosures and so on. Services are available on clicking the ‘Services’ icon in the header section which will open the department wise forms of various services offered to the citizens in the state.

Is there a provision to search government documents in the State Portal?

All the document searches are categorized under the ‘Notice Board’ tab available in the main menu. The documents like government orders, tenders, notifications etc, can be searched from here respectively. These documents are also available at the bottom of the homepage of the portal.

Can the State portal be accessed from a mobile?

 Yes the portal design is responsive and the pages can be viewed from a mobile platform as well.

Can I view the portal in any other language?

The content on the portal is available in bilingual versions, i.e English and Punjabi. The default language is English. To switch the language, click on the ‘Select Language’ in the top right section of the header area and vice versa. 

What is PFMS?

 Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is a unified web-based platform of the Government of India that ensures end to end monitoring of funds disbursed to various Program/ Scheme implementing agencies of the Central Government and State Governments in respect of Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. Consequently it envisages the real-time disbursal of funds and a comprehensive Financial Management Information System. PFMS platform facilitates the achievement of objectives of the schemes and in turn ensures prompt service delivery.

While accessing a page, I am redirected to external links, is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe as you are only redirected to secured websites for availing of the said service.

If I encounter a problem while accessing the portal, who should I contact?

Please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ icon available on the top and bottom sections of the portal homepage if you face any difficulty while using the portal.